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Life on a Fault Line is a mission-driven enterprise that helps people living on the Cascadia fault line prepare for the next major earthquake. Seismic experts agree that one day we will experience a mega quake, and there are simple steps we can take to reduce our risk and ease recovery. It works!

We promote a community supported preparedness model based on the idea that we're all in this together and we can bring economic benefits to local farmers and businesses by making our preparedness purchases from companies within the Cascadia region. 

Life on a Fault Line also produces public education events. Our recent work includes producing the Prepared Earthquake Info Fair that more than 800 people attended. We also organized Seismic Safe Schools event. 

We sponsor Make-A-Kit Events that help citizens jumpstart emergency kits. We also coordinate bulk buys that deliver water and food pantry provisions directly to your neighborhood, school, and business.

Our community services also include consultations on preparedness for groups that include: schools, nonprofits, faith communities, neighborhoods, and businesses.

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